Top Off The Trop III – Letter from Brett Morgan

Past Participants, Group Leaders and Bay Area Influencers,

BIG NEWS: On Wednesday May 13, 2015 we will have our 3rd Annual Top Off The Trop as the Rays take on the New York Yankees at the Trop! 

Like many of you I am a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s not always an easy job being a baseball fan in this town as you know. There is the constant scrutiny of the national media, consistent reports of our low attendance (even during periods of winning) and of course the current story line of Rays ownership being unable to get St. Pete’s blessing to glance across the Bay. 

There have been times where I have been so discouraged that I feel empathy will set in.  Then I am reminded why I got behind this initiative in the first place. It’s because I know we can make a difference. We live in a world full of bay area influencers and in the past our combined effort has made for a fantastic group night at the Trop. Each event has brought between 1800-3200 fans on an off night to add to the existing attendance….truly a game changer in the attendance line. 

If you need a refresher what is Top Off The Trop: Top Off The Trop is a group event that is made of smaller groups, typically small to medium bay area businesses. What happens is the Rays give me a great offer and I bring it to my friends, local business leaders, Rays fans, groups through Social Media … heck, anyone who will listen…and you take action to create ONE LARGE GROUP OUTING on an off-night (like a Wednesday). 

This years offer: Same as last, for groups of 20 or more $30 (no taxes or ticket fees) gives your group member a lower level seat (guaranteed) and a free Rays hat (choose from several / while supplies of last) to see the Rays and Yankees play on May 13, 2014. WE WILL ONLY HAVE ONE TOP OFF THE TROP THIS YEAR so the good news is that you won’t be hearing from me for the rest of the season (unless you want to) after the 13th.

You can purchase “Top Off The Trop” tickets directly through my Rays Season Ticket representative. Simply reply to me with your information, how many tickets you would like and the best way to be reached and Scott with the Rays will be in contact to fulfill your order. 

Brett A. Morgan

COO, Morgan Auto Group

President, Tampa Bay Area New Auto Dealers Association

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