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Your business lacks budget…don’t let it stop you from supporting Top Off The Trop!

Just because your business can’t afford a night out at the Trop doesn’t mean YOU can’t help. 

1) Choose a group leader in your office (maybe it’s you or the biggest Rays fan in your office)

2) Use Social Media, Company E-mail, a signup sheet or Group Event software ( to organize a group.

3) Use resources such as PayPal to allow group leader to collect everyone’s ticket price (remember NO FEES!)

4) Place your order here and my Rays Ticket Representative will contact you IMMEDIATELY.

5) Enjoy Getting Behind the Rays and bringing a Surprise Sellout to the Trop!

TRUE or FALSE: It’s Yanks – Rays, of course it will sellout!

“It’s the Yankees at the Trop, of course it will sellout!” I’m starting to hear this one a lot since we are playing the Yankees for Top Off The Trop part duex on Thursday April 17th.

What if I told you that in the Rays 9 home games against the Yankees last year they only Sold Out ONCE. Would you believe me? Cause it’s true. And with a recent trend that has made Friday games a challenge to sellout in MLB you better believe that Thursday (without our help) vs. the Yanks will not be a sellout as well.

While I’m guilty of basing opinions without facts in my own life let me load your lips with reality. These were all taken from ESPN’s announced paid attendance from last year’s Rays vs Yanks games:

Tropicana Field Capacity (2013) – 34,078 (will be less this year after Rays 360° construction)

4/22 – 15,331 (Mon)
4/23 – 17,644 (Tues)
4/24 – 19,177 (Wed)

5/24 – 17.825 (Fri)
5/25 – 25,874 (Sat)
5/26 – 24,159 (Sun)

8/23 – 24,239 (Fri)
8/24 – 32,862 (Sat)
8/25 – 34,078 (Sun)

Average Yanks – Rays (@ the Trop) over all 9 games: 23,465 

Average Distance Per Game to Sellout: 10,613 (7,397 based on updated 2014 capacity)